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Special Operations and Gold Star Families to New York City

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

It is tradition for us to invite some families and friends of Our Mates a few days ahead of our biggest yearly event at the Centerport Yacht Club, to do something special. This year we took three ribs into New York City, 30 miles away from our homeport, to take photos of the Statue of Liberty and eat some genuine New York Pizza!

SailAhead Grey and Orange in front of the Statue of Liberty

Over one million servicemembers served after 9/11. Since our service men and women enlist from all corners of the United States, many have not seen the site of the twin towers. Going to New York City is like a way to connect with their reason for service in a way they might not already have.

In addition to our two SailAhead ribs, we were joined by SailAhead's racing team captain, Fran Racioppi, on his own rib. Fran served in the Army for 13 years, and was a Special Operations Green Beret. Read more about his bio on Our Team page.

Racing director Fran Racioppi's rib in the East River

A trip to New York City isn't complete without a slice of heaven - PIZZA!

All in all, our group consisted of Rangers, Green Berets, and Gold Star family and friends.

Sometimes something as mundane as "going to the city" can mean a lot when we change our perspective. From the water, nothing is as it seems. Being able to look at downtown Manhattan with a group of people who, in some cases, were inspired to take up arms after watching the towers go down, is itself a moving and healing experience.

If you want to help us continue to use the ocean as a therapeutic platform to heal the scars of war, please consider donating.

If you would like to donate your boat, please email us.


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