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Our Mission


Our mission is simple and three-fold: 

  1. Use sailing and the ocean as a therapeutic platform to foster healing in our military community. It can be easy to believe that the only ones impacted by war are those who travel overseas to fight it. In reality, the impact of war touches the lives of everyone around the soldier or veteran as well. This community includes active duty soldiers, retired veterans, and family members or friends of our fellow citizens in green. Through our events, we aim to connect the sailing and military communities, in order to employ the curative powers of sailing and curb the veteran suicide epidemic.   

  2. Spread post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and veteran suicide awareness. The first step to solving any problem is to raise awareness of the cause. We do this through our sailing programs and annual events across the country.

  3. Honor and remember Our Mates.We are on the front lines of a war for veterans' mental health at home. Our Mates ensure that the memories of those who lost this battle live on. Carrying Our Mates with us also functions as a physical symbol of just how urgent this crisis is. 

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