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SailAhead's Live Interview on Newsmax

In a recent interview with Newsmax, the spotlight shines on SailAhead, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans through the therapeutic power of sailing. Co-founder Sean Duclay, alongside Trisha Northover, a retired US Army Nurse, shares their compelling stories and the profound impact of SailAhead’s mission.

The Founding of SailAhead

SailAhead was founded with a singular vision: to provide a unique, peaceful environment for veterans to heal from PTSD and depression. Sean Duclay discusses how this initiative began and the driving force behind its continued success. Through sailing, veterans are offered a tranquil setting that promotes mental well-being and a sense of community.

Trisha Northover’s Journey

Trisha Northover, who served courageously in Afghanistan, opens up about her battle with PTSD and depression upon returning home. Her story is one of resilience and recovery, highlighting the critical role SailAhead has played in her healing process. Trisha’s experiences underscore the immense challenges faced by many veterans and the need for supportive interventions like those provided by SailAhead.

The Healing Power of Sailing

Sailing offers more than just a physical activity; it provides a therapeutic escape and a chance to connect with others who understand similar struggles. Sean and Trisha explain how these experiences help veterans rediscover peace and purpose.

How You Can Support SailAhead

The interview not only raises awareness about the mental health challenges veterans face but also invites the community to support this noble cause. Whether through donations, volunteer work, or spreading the word, there are numerous ways to get involved with SailAhead and help make a difference.

Please consider supporting us with a donation! We rely on community support to continue to carry out our mission, and every dollar counts!

Watch the Full Interview

Sean Duclay and Trisha Northover were interviewed on Newsmax to talk about SailAhead's mission to help end veteran suicide through sailing
Sean Duclay and Trisha Northover Live on Newsmax!

For a deeper dive into SailAhead’s mission and to hear directly from Sean Duclay and Trisha Northover, watch the full interview on Newsmax in the YouTube video above.

Watch now to explore:

  • The founding story of SailAhead

  • Trisha Northover’s transformation

  • The transformative power of therapeutic sailing

  • Ways to support veterans and SailAhead

Connect with SailAhead:

Join us in spreading the word about SailAhead and its incredible impact on veterans' lives. Together, we can make a difference.


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