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Marie Tabarly at the New York Yacht Club

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

An incredible sailor, Marie Tabarly (born 1 January 1984) in Lorient, France, has a long history sailing different types of yachts and boats. Initially beginning her career as an equine behaviorist before her horse got injured, she chose to pursue sailing. She was the godmother at the christening ceremony for Geronimo - a French trimaran that broke many records with Olivier de Kersauson – carrying on legacy from her father Éric who tragically ended his own seafaring story in 1998 when he passed away while being lost at sea in the Irish Sea during one of his voyages.

Photo of the Pen Duick VI, captained by Marie, photo by Carlo Borlenghi, Ocean Globe Race

Embarking on a four-year voyage around the world aboard her father's legendary boat, the PenDuick VI, Marie Tabarly will be sailing with a mission: to bring together artists and intellectuals devoted to preserving our planet. Coupled with media coverage of this journey, she hopes to contribute in raising collective consciousness about some of the critical issues we are facing in this century. She aims to reconnect people with the natural environment. There is no better way to do that than through sailing!

On Tuesday, March 14th, Marie Tabarly was invited to the New York Yacht Club for a Q&A with some of the members. The SailAhead family was invited by our former sailing teacher, US Sailing Hall of Famer, friend, and Oakcliff Sailing Center Director, Dawn Riley.

Jenny, Sean, Maya, Donn Costanzo, Kilian, and Marie Tabarly

The New York Yacht Club is one of America's oldest yacht clubs. It was a privilege to be invited in the Q&A in the historic Model Room. It was made even more special to see one of SailAhead's boats, Hussar, on the wall at the NYYC! The model of the custom made 55 foot racing boat was created at a time when it had a different name, Cannonball.

Hussar in 2022, a model of which is in the New York Yacht Club when Hussar's name was Cannonball


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