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SPC Tyler Jay Springstead
Remembered for his witty personality and for his kind and sensitive ways.

Tyler Jay Springstead had a sweet loving spirit and a dry quirky sense of humor. He never had to look for friends, people gravitated to him. He kept his friendships for life. Tyler had many artistic talents; woodworking, drawing, writing, and playing several musical instruments. He was a good athlete and enjoyed skateboarding and surfing. He loved camping and fishing. Animals bonded with Tyler. He nearly always had a dog or cat.

Tyler was born October 11,1982 and ended his life on March 14,2013 at the age of 30. He grew up in Bismarck and Farmington Missouri. Tyler expressed an interest early on in the military. Like his father and older brother he enlisted in the army. He chose infantry following in his father's footsteps. Tyler was 17 years old. He requested the 101st Airborne Division stationed in Fort Campbell, KY, so he could be stationed with his brother. While not in the same specialty, they, nevertheless, went to Iraq at the same time with the first surge in 2003. Tyler was awarded many honors including the Expert Infantryman, and Combat Infantry Badge. He participated in the raid on Hussein's sons and was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor. Tyler was proud of his service but he paid a heavy price.

Tyler was vulnerable when he left for Iraq but he came back broken. He received a 100% service disability for PTSD. He fought a long hard battle trying to overcome his demons and addictions. He survived the war but couldn't survive the peace. May he RIP knowing he fought the good fight.

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