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SPC Matthew Adam Wilson

Matt by his life partner Lena 

Matt served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army Ranger within the 2nd Battalion. He remained devoted to his mission and his brothers for his entire life, dropping anything and everything to help someone in need, even when he was struggling hard himself. He excelled at sneaky little acts of kindness, and his face always broke into a giant smirk when he was found out.

It’s completely impossible to capture his big heart and boundless spirit in a biography, but if you’ve ever heard him laugh you’ll get an idea of his vivacity. Nobody could tell a story like Matt, and he was fearless in accumulating experiences. He loved his mother and sister fiercely, was a loyal, hard-headed friend, and always had his giant dog-shadow Biggs at his side. A man of many talents, Matt avidly practiced wrestling and jiu-Jitsu. He could fill up a ruck with everything and anything you could possibly need or want and carry it up and down mountains. Fix (and run-down) cars. Carpentry and woodwork. And, although he did this more quietly on his own, he was amazing at gardening and nurturing plants. Drawing too. Not to mention he could grill some mean ribs (he even had a cookbook in the works).

Matthew Adam Wilson - Proud Ranger Matt was a lifelong learner, devoting himself to growth. Constantly watching YouTube videos to learn how to rebuild an Impala. Or new wrestling techniques. He spent late nights working on calculus homework from classes, or perfecting a carving technique. Tenacious because no matter how many failed attempts he made, he’d be back at it until he achieved mastery of whatever he set his mind to. And he was always happily and humbly sharing his acquired knowledge with others.

He also worked incredibly hard on overcoming his obstacles and his demons. He practiced transparency in doing so, to better find the support he needed, and so he could be more accessible in supporting others.

Rock on Matty.

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