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SailAhead's Real Estate Partners Supporting the memory of Our Mates

Honoring and Remembering Our Mates is a core aspect of SailAhead's mission. Our Mates are over 219 veterans who have died by suicide, and who are represented in SailAhead activities by their 219 name-tags.

When SailAhead first began the VA had found that at least 22 veterans were taking their lives every day. The reality is far greater than that. The number 220 represents how many veterans die by their own hand every ten days in the United States, so the one missing in 219 represents the life we try so hard to save. Help us keep their memories alive by becoming a monthly donor!

Honoring and Remembering Our Mates is an incredibly important part of our mission that we do not take lightly. We take advantage of every opportunity we have to talk about Our Mates, and we bring them with us wherever we go. 

Our Mates are at every SailAhead event, and have traveled with us to the landing beaches in Normandy, Point du Hoc, and even sailing to the Galapagos Islands.

Sailing the Puget Sound

The families of Our Mates are key to sharing the stories of their loved ones. That's why each of SailAhead's events are dedicated to one or more of Our Mates, and we fundraise each year to bring Our Mates' families from across the country to speak to the memory of their family members who lost the insidious, invisible war waged in the minds and souls of countless US veterans. 

By joining our program you can help us continue the legacy of the men and women who gave it all in our names.

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Real Estate Partnership Program

  • Our Real Estate Partners donate, promote, or otherwise support SailAhead and Our Mates.

    • SailAhead will talk to Our Real Estate Partners at their agency to inform employees about the organization their company supports, and to talk about Our Mates, and veteran post traumatic stress and suicide.

  • Our Friends generously donate $219 with each house sold. 

    • SailAhead is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, therefore all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Our Partners 

Our Friends in Real Estate 

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