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Maritime Education Long Island Maritime Museum

Sailing is older than writing itself. Human history has developed the way it has due to sailing. To remove it from the historical equation is to completely ignore our entire history. Although today sailing is not as important as it once was for humanity and international trade, it's legacy lives on. Sailing today is almost exclusively recreational or for sport, but this was not always true.

As the Long Island Maritime Museum teaches us, Long Island's relationship to water and sailing is an integral part of our history. 

Through museum tours and taking veterans out on their oyster sloop Priscilla, which is over 100 years old, the Long Island Maritime Museum preserves that history and makes it accessible to the public. Our partnership with the museum has enabled veterans access to the rich history of sailing around Long Island, and first hand access to historical boats. 

The museum has been a great ally in our fight, and an invaluable addition to the services we provide. 

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