Let's Take A Veteran Sailing

 Centerport yacht club

In 2015, 17-year-old and 15-year-old brothers Kilian and Sean decided they wanted to do something big. They wanted to organize an event that would communicate to veterans suffering from Depression and PTS that they didn't need to struggle alone and that a community cared about them. They met with some Centerport Yacht Club members and decided they would ask the board to host an event at their Yacht Club, at their expense, with their skippers and boats, and, oh yeah, could they host a barbecue too? Much to the surprise of anyone who hears this story, the Yacht Club said yes and put their full confidence in the boys! What followed was the first Let's Take  A Veteran Sailing event that would recur every year and come to take over 500 veterans sailing! It is now highly-anticipated by hundreds of people each year, veterans and sailors alike. This event is not so much valued for its healing potential as it is for its noise making kinetic energy. It brings Veteran Service Organizations from Suffolk and Nassau Counties, New Jersey, New York City, and even Washington state to connect with suffering veterans, as a way of saying, "we're here for you." 

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August 22, 2015. SailAhead's first ever Lets Take A Veteran Sailing event with the Centerport Yacht Club!


News 12 Long Island

August 22nd – “Let’s Take a Vet Sailing” turned out to be a very impressive event for SailAhead and the largest event SailAhead has put together since its humble beginnings back in the 2013 winter frostbiting season...


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