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Welcome SailGP in New York City!

Updated: Jun 26

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SailGP Australia tended to by SailGP Techs on our RIB

We're excited that SailGP, the pinnacle of high-performance sailing, chose New York City as the setting of its 12th event. SailGP is not just any sailing competition; it's a global championship that brings together the world's best sailors to compete on cutting-edge F50 catamarans. These boats are the epitome of speed and innovation, capable of flying above the water at incredible speeds. It can be difficult to understand what these boats are really like unless you've seen them up close and in action. They have been described to be "more similar to spaceships than your conventional sailing boat." This is because of how fast, and technologically cutting edge the boats are. More than 800 sensors deliverer 3,000 pieces of data every second during a race. Using hydrofoiling technology to lift the boats out of the water, crews appear to be flying a few meters above the water at high speeds. Crew-members use radios to communicate with each other, and once high enough speeds are reached for the foils to lift boats out of the water sailors turn to fighter pilots!

What Makes SailGP Special?

From the SailGP Youtube channel itself:

High-Speed Racing: The F50 catamarans are engineered for speed, using foiling technology to lift above the water and reduce drag. This allows them to reach speeds over 50 knots (about 60 mph or 100 kph), making for thrilling and action-packed races.

Canada and New Zealand in front of spectators on Governor's Island

Global Competition: SailGP is an international event, with teams representing countries from around the world, including the United States, Australia, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, and more. Each event in the SailGP calendar takes place in iconic locations, and New York City is the perfect backdrop.

USA and Germany battling

National Teams: Each team consists of elite sailors who bring their expertise and competitive spirit to the water. The national pride and rivalry add an extra layer of excitement to each race.

SailGP US Team

Sustainability: SailGP is committed to promoting sustainability within the sport. The organization is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and encouraging sustainable practices in sailing and beyond.

SailAhead’s Role

SailAhead's 24-foot RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) was used by the technical team of SailGP during this event. Our RIB played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the races, (at least, that's what they said!) providing support and assistance to the teams as they prepared their high-tech vessels for competition.

SailAhead RIB being used by SailGP's Technical Team
SailAhead RIB being used by SailGP's Technical Team

The SailAhead crew were responsible for delivering our rib to the SailGP Technical team in Liberty Landing, NJ, in preparation for the event.

After the races concluded on Sunday, we departed from Liberty Landing in a fleet of RIBs and other power boats to return to Oyster Bay. A group of Oakcliff boats whose crew was supplemented by our own made the journey together.

We brought back 11 boats together through the East River and Hell's Gate, continuing until we reached our home port in Nassau County's north shore.

Short video of the way back

SailAhead is dedicated to using sailing and the ocean as a therapeutic platform to help heal wounded veterans

Our mission is simple and three-fold: 

  1. Use sailing and the ocean as a therapeutic platform to foster healing in our military community. It can be easy to believe that the only ones impacted by war are those who travel overseas to fight it. In reality, the impact of war touches the lives of everyone around the soldier or veteran as well. This community includes active duty soldiers, retired veterans, and family members or friends of our fellow citizens in green. Through our events, we aim to connect the sailing and military communities, in order to employ the curative powers of sailing and curb the veteran suicide epidemic.    

  2. Spread post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and veteran suicide awareness. The first step to solving any problem is to raise awareness of the cause. We do this through our sailing programs and annual events across the country. 

  3. Honor and remember Our Mates. We are on the front lines of a war for veterans' mental health at home. Our Mates ensure that the memories of those who lost this battle live on. Carrying Our Mates with us also functions as a physical symbol of just how urgent this crisis is. 


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