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Setting Sail With nature: SailAhead Partners with Centre Island Bird Sanctuary

At SailAhead, we've always believed that the sea has a profound therapeutic power, and now, we're delighted to join hands with the Centre Island Bird Sanctuary to bring the healing embrace of nature to our veterans in a whole new way. Our exciting partnership opens the door to a unique opportunity for veterans to explore the beauty of Oyster Bay and Greenport's bird populations, all from the deck of classic powerboats and sailboats. As winter arrives, many summer birds are heading south in search of warmth, leaving a spectacular world of ducks and waterfowl to be discovered. This season, we invite you to set sail with nature in a truly remarkable experience.

Exploring the Water in Many Ways

Classic Sailboat Storm Sitting on its Mooring in Oyster Bay
Classic Sailboat Storm Sitting on its Mooring in Oyster Bay

The beauty of this partnership lies not only in the opportunity to observe and appreciate the stunning bird populations of Oyster Bay and Greenport but also in the various ways it allows individuals to experience the water. Here at SailAhead, we've always emphasized that the water is a source of healing, connection, and rejuvenation in many forms.

  • Sailing: Sailing has been our core focus at SailAhead, offering veterans the chance to embark on therapeutic sailing excursions. The gentle sway of the boat, the sound of the wind in the sails, and the connection with the water create a soothing and restorative environment for veterans.

  • Observing Nature: The Centre Island Bird Sanctuary specializes in birding tours by highly knowledgable individuals that provide an opportunity for everyone to connect with the natural world. Bird watching is a tranquil and fulfilling activity, allowing individuals to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the avian world.

  • A Holistic Experience: Combining sailing with bird watching is a holistic approach to enjoying the water and nature. It brings together the best of both worlds, providing veterans with the chance to not only revel in the therapeutic effects of the sea but also immerse themselves in the wonder of bird populations.

A Unique Opportunity for Veterans

The partnership between SailAhead and the Centre Island Bird Sanctuary represents a powerful blend of nature's tranquility and the healing benefits of the sea. It offers veterans a unique opportunity to explore, connect, and find solace in the midst of captivating birdlife and the open water.

This winter season, as the summer birds depart in search of warmer climates, Oyster Bay and Greenport become havens for a wide array of ducks and waterfowl. For veterans, this presents a remarkable chance to engage with the beauty of the natural world in a peaceful, contemplative setting.

We invite veterans to embark on this exciting journey, whether they are seasoned sailors, passionate bird watchers, or simply nature enthusiasts. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and the dedication to serving our veterans in diverse and meaningful ways.

Centre Island Bird Sanctuary

The Centre Island Bird Sanctuary, founded in 2023, is a beacon of dedication to the protection and preservation of natural environments essential for native bird populations. With a mission rooted in ecological conservation, this nonprofit organization stands as a guardian of avian habitats and the diversity of species that call them home. A key pillar of the Centre Island Bird Sanctuary's work is its collaboration with the global citizen science database, eBird, contributing to the larger effort of monitoring and safeguarding bird populations across the country. Through its tireless efforts, the sanctuary plays a pivotal role in fostering a deeper understanding of our feathered friends and ensuring their continued existence in our ecosystem.

Centre Island Bird Sanctuary

Join Us on the Water

As we set sail with the Centre Island Bird Sanctuary, we embrace the changing seasons and the unique opportunities they bring. Our veterans will not only experience the soothing effects of the sea but also gain a deeper appreciation of the avian world that surrounds them.

SailAhead's mission has always been to provide veterans with therapeutic experiences that go beyond the ordinary. We believe that in nature, whether it's on the water or amidst the wings of birds, there is healing, unity, and hope. Together with the Centre Island Bird Sanctuary, we extend an open invitation to veterans to join us on this exceptional journey of exploration and connection.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, and let's set sail with nature, embrace the beauty of our surroundings, and embark on a voyage of healing and discovery together.


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