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Sailing Adventures on the Horizon: New Collaborations with New York Harbor School and More

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

At SailAhead, we are excited to unveil our latest endeavors that promise to open new horizons for veterans seeking therapeutic experiences on the water. Recently, a meeting was held with significant partners, the New York Harbor School and the South Street Seaport Museum, forging alliances that will expand our capacity to provide enriching sailing experiences for our veterans. Spearheaded by Sean Duclay from SailAhead and Amy Lewis representing the Stirling Harbor Foundation, these partnerships promise unforgettable sailing adventures in the Long Island Sound.

Collaboration with New York Harbor School: Setting Sail on the Arcadia

Sean Duclay and Amy Lewis at the New York Harbor School to discuss how we can collaborate in taking veterans sailing
Sean and Amy with the New York Harbor School Waterfront Staff and Captains

In a groundbreaking collaboration, SailAhead and the Stirling Harbor Foundation have joined forces with the New York Harbor School to offer veterans an unparalleled opportunity for overnight cruises on the 70-foot sailboat, Arcadia. The New York Harbor School will be providing qualified captains for five separate outings, ensuring a safe and enriching experience for veterans exploring the vast expanse of the Long Island Sound. These overnight excursions promise to be not just sailing trips but transformative journeys of exploration and camaraderie.

Meeting with the South Street Seaport Museum: A Voyage Aboard the Pioneer

SailAhead aboard the South Street Seaport Museum's Pioneer
Sailing aboard the South Street Seaport Museum's Pioneer

Our journey into expanding opportunities for veterans continued as we met with the esteemed South Street Seaport Museum. Discussions were held to explore the prospect of taking veterans sailing on their renowned vessel, the Pioneer. This potential collaboration opens the door to another exciting chapter in our efforts to offer diverse and fulfilling experiences on the water. The Pioneer, with its rich maritime history and seafaring legacy, presents an inspiring opportunity for veterans to embark on new adventures and discover the serenity of the sea.

Enriching Sailing Experiences for Veterans

This is a photo of the Stirling Harbor Foundation's Concordia Sloop, named Arcadia. It will participate in 5 SailAhead outings in 2024 to bring 30 veterans out sailing
Stirling Harbor Foundation's Concordia Sloop, Arcadia

At SailAhead, our dedication to serving veterans extends beyond the waves. These new collaborations mark a significant step forward in our mission to provide therapeutic and empowering experiences for those who have served our nation. The immersive nature of sailing, combined with the support and resources from our esteemed partners, ensures that veterans can find solace, healing, and community while sailing across the Long Island Sound.

Our burgeoning friendship with the New York Harbor School will allow us to utilize the vast knowledge and experience of captains who are more than willing to help us work towards our mission of reducing veteran suicide through the wholistic therapy that is sailing.

The goal here at the Stirling Harbor Foundation is simple: Get people out on the water! We believe that being part of a crew brings people together in a unique way. Whether it's a group of teens or adults, whether it's a powerboat or a sailboat, whether it's a sunny day or a rainstorm, Stirling Harbor Foundation provides opportunities for growth.
Arcadia in Oyster Bay, NY.
Another shot of Arcadia, courtesy of the Stirling Harbor Foundation

Our programs encourage participants to be responsible, communicative, and curious - skills that translate seamlessly from life on the water to life ashore. Good shipmates make great neighbors, workers, and friends, and we're on a mission to create good shipmates every change we get!

Expanding Horizons: Goals and Expectations

Our collaboration with the New York Harbor School and the South Street Seaport Museum symbolizes our commitment to broadening the spectrum of opportunities for veterans seeking the therapeutic benefits of the sea. Our goals encompass not only providing memorable outings but also fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for veterans to create lasting memories and connections.

Sailing Towards a Brighter Future

As we set sail with these newfound partnerships, SailAhead remains dedicated to ensuring that veterans have access to the healing power of the water. We look forward to the upcoming outings, knowing that each journey represents a step toward empowerment, camaraderie, and a rejuvenated sense of purpose for our veterans. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting collaborations, and let's navigate the waters together towards a brighter and more fulfilling future for our veterans.


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