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SailAhead Interview On The Donna Drake Show!

Updated: Jan 25

Ahoy SailAhead supporters! We're excited to share an exclusive interview featuring SailAhead co-founder Sean Duclay and social media director Jenny Duclay on the Donna Drake Show. This lively morning program delved into the heart of SailAhead's mission, and we're thrilled to bring you the highlights.

🎙️ Setting Sail with Sean and Jenny: Behind the Scenes of SailAhead

Join us as Sean and Jenny share their insights, passion, and the incredible journey that brought SailAhead to where it is today. From the inception of SailAhead to the challenges faced and triumphs celebrated, this interview provides a look into the minds behind the mission.

⛵ Adventure Therapy: Sailing as a Beacon of Hope

SailAhead is more than just a sailing organization; it's a beacon of hope for veterans battling depression and PTSD. Sailing can is considered to be "Adventure Therapy" and backed by research from the VA, has proven to be an effective and transformative method for treating these conditions.

🌟 How You Can Support the Cause: Donate Today!

As we navigate the seas of hope, we invite you to join us in making a difference. Your support can help create more sailing opportunities for veterans seeking solace and healing through the power of the sea. Click the Donate button below and be a part of SailAhead's mission to bring joy and therapeutic experiences to those who have served our country.


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