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Celebrating Heroes: SailAhead at the 2023 NYC Veterans Day Parade

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Sailing on Fifth Avenue: A Tribute to Bravery and Healing

Last weekend, New York City witnessed a remarkable celebration of valor and camaraderie as our nonprofit, SailAhead, proudly participated in the iconic Veterans Day Parade. Our organization, dedicated to supporting veterans battling PTSD and depression through the therapeutic experience of sailing, was honored to join this patriotic procession at the invitation of the esteemed United War Veteran Council (UWVC).

A Journey from Madison Square Park

Our march began at the historic Eternal Light Flagstaff in Madison Square Park, a fitting start for an event dedicated to illuminating the lives of those who have served our nation. As we stepped onto Fifth Avenue, the energy was palpable. Surrounded by veterans, active-duty service members, other veteran service organizations, and a vibrant crowd, we felt a deep sense of pride and purpose.

Unity and Celebration on Fifth Avenue

Walking up Fifth Avenue, the heart of New York City, was an experience like no other. Each step was a testament to the resilience and strength of our veterans. The skyscrapers stood like silent sentinels, witnesses to this moving tribute. The cheers and waving flags from onlookers created an atmosphere of unity and celebration, a stark contrast to the solitude often felt at sea and in the struggles with PTSD and depression.

SailAhead: More Than Sailing

At SailAhead, we believe in the healing power of the ocean, but this parade was a reminder that healing also comes from community and recognition. As we marched, we shared stories of transformation and hope, of veterans finding peace and purpose not only on the waves but in moments like these - amidst the bustle of a city that understands the price of freedom.

The Power of Visibility

Participating in the NYC Veterans Day Parade was more than a walk; it was a powerful statement. It brought visibility to the challenges faced by our veterans and the therapeutic solutions we strive to provide. We were not just walking for ourselves but for every veteran who finds solace in the rhythm of the sea and those still searching for their anchor in life’s turbulent waters.

Gratitude and Forward Sailing

As the parade concluded, our hearts were full of gratitude - for the UWVC, for the city of New York, and most importantly, for our veterans. This event was a remarkable milestone for SailAhead, reinforcing our commitment to healing through sailing. We left Fifth Avenue with renewed energy, ready to continue our mission of bringing light and hope to the lives of our heroes.

Join Us in Our Journey

To our supporters, volunteers, and the veterans we serve - this day was for you. We invite everyone to join us on our journey, to experience the tranquility of sailing, and to be a part of a community that uplifts and heals. Together, let's navigate towards a brighter horizon.


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