Basic Keelboat Certification

Basic Keelboat CertificationOverview

SailAhead is offering US Sailing’s Basic Keelboat Certification in partnership with The Waterfront Center.

In order for a veteran to acquire the Basic Keelboat Certification he/she will need to show his/her ability to sail a sailboat up to 27 feet in length in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision.
Successful candidates earn a US Sailing certification approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Prerequisite: Any approved veteran participating in The WaterFront Center’s Veterans On Water program may be eligible to receive certification upon mastering the required skills.

Certification Requirements:

    I. Sailing Knowledge
  • Identify all basic parts of a sailboat and their functions.
  • Define points of sail and terms used on a standard sailboat.
  • Apply the International and Inland Navigation Rules for prevention of collision at sea in various situations and identify the sailboat or powerboat that is the “stand-on” and “give-way” boat.
  • Describe the actions to be taken when sailing in the vicinity of commercial shipping and how to maintain proper look-out.

  • II. Sailing Skills
  • Select and properly use a personal flotation device and clothing for various weather conditions.
  • Hoist the basic sails, set appropriate luff tensions, coil and hang halyards and other lines.
  • Without an instructor or direction, act as helmsman/skipper and crew on a sailboat using proper commands and responses while sailing under various wind directions. Sail a windward/leeward course while performing tacks and jibes, steer by the lee without jibing.
  • Lower, fold and stow sails properly.
  • Describe and demonstrate the actions to be taken by a helmsman/skipper when sailing from the time a person falls overboard without warning until the crew member is safely recovered. Also, describe how to get an exhausted person aboard.
  • Secure a sailboat to a dock so as to ensure limited movement and set out fenders.
  • Describe the function of and tie 6 basic knots without assistance and within time limits.

Please visit the US Sailing website for deeper descriptions of this certification.

The purpose of this 32 hour program is to teach and train selected veterans on how to become safe, responsible and confident skippers. This US Sailing certification, proposed by The Waterfront Center, is free for the selected veterans. This certification is a first milestone in the training toward becoming a strong skipper. By having more and more veteran-skippers, we'll create a pool of talented veteran-skippers that will be used to take other wounded veterans sailing for healing purposes.

The who's who of our Basic Keelboat Certification Program:

David WaldoDavid Waldo

Executive Director of The WaterFront Center and SailAhead's Head Coach

Dave, a graduate of the University of Washington, has been sailing and racing all of his life. He is a sailing instructor and coaches sailors at national levels.
Outside of sailing, Dave has had successful business experiences as a small business owner, performing quality control for U.S. Sugar Corporation and later as a commercial real estate agent.
Dave is currently the Executive Director of The WaterFront Center. He enjoys working alongside a talented group of staff and volunteers serving the community by providing access to the marine environment, paddling, and the sport of sailing.

Angela GreenAngela Green USARMY

SailAhead's Keelboat Certification Team Leader

Angela grew up on Long Island and graduated from Uniondale High School. Soon after, she enlisted in the Army. She remained on Active Duty for three years and then joined the reserves where she continues to serve. She served with the 423rd Military Police Company, deploying to Bosnia-Herzegovina, from August 1997-May 1998, HHC, 310th Military Police Battalion, deploying twice to Iraq--first, from January 2003 – April 2004, and then again from January 2006 – July 2007. She is currently the Brigade Movement Coordinator with the 333rd Military Police Brigade, Farmingdale, NY. Upon becoming a reservist, Angela joined the NYPD until her retirement in August 2013. Her last position was in downtown Manhattan in the Chief of Department’s Office.
Beyond her service, Angela serves her community extensively and enthusiastically through hours of volunteer work. She has supported multiple non-profit organizations both on and off duty, individually, and through her Veterans motorcycle club. Angela is also a four year breast cancer survivor.

Thank you to The WaterFront Center for providing quality sailing coaches, new boats, skippers and crew! The Waterfront Center

For more information about this Program at the Waterfront Center please call (516) 922-SAIL [7245].

Call SailAhead at (631) 831-8763 for more information on past and future events.

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